Business Agility in B2B Commerce

The evolution of purchasing power and demand for streaming platforms is increasing. As a consequence, there is a greater chance of standardization than ever before. To attract clients, protect sales, and realign go-to-market investments, future market leaders must be able to pivot quickly.

The transformation has far-reaching and significant impacts on how B2B companies must think about digital technologies and reinvent their traditional methods.

In comparison to B2C companies in industries such as retail, media, and travel, the B2B digital experience is also in its development. A little away more than half of B2B businesses have just recently started adopting a digital strategy.

B2B businesses must shift their mindset from seeing digital as merely a commercial order entry platform. Instead, they should see it as a driver of omnichannel, end-to-end customer experiences that effortlessly integrate branches, vendors, sellers, and contact centers.

Business Agility in B2B Commerce

Journeys In Connection

B2B leaders are noticing this behavior. According to our research, almost half of businesses understand that developing a robust omnichannel strategy would help them distinguish themselves and attract more customers. Similarly, 65 percent of companies have unified their online and offline platforms to serve customers through both transactions.

Full-fledged B2B companies recognize that, in the era of data and artificial intelligence, integrating the two will enhance the omnichannel experience. Businesses may detect consumer behaviors and preferences by collecting and analyzing data from interactions with sales representatives, online platforms, and retail stores. This helps to develop products that are adaptable, reliable, and tailored-made.

With today's customer expectations, an eCommerce site is a must-have to succeed.

Five ways an Adobe B2B Commerce  will serve your Potential Buyers

Adobe Experience Cloud is a suite of Enterprise level applications powering the businesses digitally helping to anticipate and adapt your customers' ever-changing expectations.

Business Agility in B2B Commerce

Reconsidering the Customer Services

Customers' benefits automatically skyrocket as they go online. With all the client has at their fingertips (authentic product information, order history, account details, payment/shipping details), the majority of their queries will be resolved instantly. Customers would no longer be frustrated with having to wait for feedback or notifications on their orders. Your audience would benefit from the autonomy and freedom that digital B2B customers have come to demand from an eCommerce site.

Simplifying the Ordering & Reordering

Apart from improved customer experience, one thing the clients can appreciate is the simplicity with which they can order on a digital platform. They will be able to handle their orders whenever and wherever they want, and they will even be able to set up repeat purchases. Customers expect flexibility and convenience in how they place their orders, and you can have it.

Activating 24/7 Self Service

Your B2B customers are busy professionals with time constraints. Having keys to your store during regular business hours is also a massive benefit for them. They would be able to interact with your store at a time that is convenient for their busy schedules. Not only can your clients enjoy the simplicity with which they can now buy from you, but your company will also benefit from a free and transparent shop front to a global consumer base.

Conducting Customer Research

According to Google, half of B2B google searches in 2017 were made on a smartphone, with that figure expected to rise to 70% by 2020. With online B2B search at an all-time peak, it's critical to provide prospective customers with all of the facts they need to make an educated decision. A consumer would not know you work if you are not online.

Simplifying the Checkout Process

Nobody likes surprises, particularly when it comes to checking out. Studies say that 74% of B2B consumers said they would switch products if they faced a tough shopping journey or checkout phase. As a result, it is important that you provide your customers with the simplest and most seamless shopping experience possible. Integrating an eCommerce payment gateway gives the consumers trust that they can easily and conveniently check out on your site.

Connected Customer Experiences

Brainvire found that leaders are far more inclined to name “customer experience” as a key strategic business initiative. However, to create an experience that matches and exceeds consumer expectations, you must first understand your customer. Customer data is a critical thread in the fabric of the buyer-seller relationship and best-in-class customer interactions. Market Leaders are mostly able to identify and remove roadblocks to consumer relationships caused by technological failure or lack of adequate.

Business Agility in B2B Commerce

According to the global research, digital customer experience and digital sales channels will be the key differentiators for B2B businesses by 2025. Brands that respond to evolving attitudes and perceptions will prosper, whereas those that lack the pattern risk losing market share and seeing their businesses hindered.

Product price assortment will still be essential, but they no longer serve as differentiators. Investing in B2B commerce and customer experience will pave the way for the evolution of the people, processes, and technology required to succeed in a competitive world and this is the right time to invest.


America’s Leading Commercial Party Rent Equipment Providers Increases Sales Amid Pandemic

Brainvire’s an-inclusive digital assistance allowed the brand to reach more audiences and double the sales during the pandemic and post-pandemic


These are ways Brainvire can assist you in developing a highly potential B2B solution in a constantly evolving world.

 By Increasing consumer awareness and outreach,

  • Get a real-time, AI-powered response capability that connects you to ongoing local insights.
  • Helps you identify and target at-risk consumers to provide constructive early response, assistance, and retention.
  • It will develop scenario planning for all consumer groups and prepare for sudden changes.

By Reimagining Offers to Meet Evolving Needs of Customers

  • It will smartly tailor your offers to fast-changing, new customer needs; target the right segments, bundle products, and services, and update commercial contracting terms
  • It will create a renewed demand tracking and scouting capability
  • It will help you to rapidly adapt to new offers on the fly so you can rise from the downturn as a market leader

By Protecting and Recapturing Revenue in the New Normal

  • It will create powerful new ways to retain your current customers and save at-risk transactions.
  • It will help you direct the sales force into must-win prospects and convert service experiences into new sales.
  • It helps you in making paths for effective inside sales and drives digital sales channels.

By Rebalancing Sales talent, Assets, and Investments

  • It will redistribute and improve go-to-market procurement Return on investment by revising commercial treatments and strengthening negotiating skills.
  • It will evaluate price and discount policies when accounting for demand generation costs, as well as changing sales skills and coverage.

Summing Up

While raising quality and reducing sales costs are significant, increasing GoToMarket pace through Digital Transformation and adopting new ways of operating would be a game-changer for a B2B market in the coming years. Today's business entails delivering customized quality value and preferences to customers at any time, any place - and across any medium - without sacrificing continuity or relevance. So, if you wish to see the agility in your B2B business through a digital presence, get in touch with Brainvire, a top B2B website development company.

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