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The shift to digital healthcare has accelerated like never before! It has completely altered the way people engage with healthcare institutions and services, and the patient experience. Brainvire has embarked on the journey of healthcare reinvention using cutting-edge technologies to help our healthcare association build digital solutions, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

Brainvire’s skilled and talented developers strive to build exemplary websites and mobile applications and cater to various clients from the healthcare industry. Our development solutions can also help you streamline your internal processes. Our healthcare services include:

  • Healthcare Consulting
    Hospital Management System
    The Hospital Management System is a robust system that monitors and regulates the day-to-day activities in hospitals. They can manage Medical Records and safely hold patient health records within the system. They can maintain patient data with access to and retrieval of ADT records to manage the status.
  • Virtual Immense Care
    Telemedicine Solution
    Our telemedicine software development services provide both physicians and patients with a solution for scheduling online appointments and connecting virtually. Online consultation, real-time appointment schedule, access to medical reports and medications, follow-up, management of clinics are added perks.
  • Drug Delivery Solution
    Pharmacy Solutions
    Online pharmacy solution for fast medicine delivery. For pharmacies looking to target both website and mobile channels, this is an online pharmacy app development solution. Quick order process for customers to upload prescription and find drugs. It includes inventory management, offers, and shipping integration.
  • mHealth Solutions
    Patient Engagement Solutions
    To offer useful features backed by transparent pricing and complete compliance with HIPAA, ICD-10 and other regulatory requirements, we have mastered custom healthcare web development. We offer solutions for healthcare like mobile health monitoring apps, custom patient portals, and clinical maps.
  • IoMT Application
    Health Automation
    Improve efficiency and optimize your service by automating workflows and handling medical facilities. Get comfortable and safe access to complete network, smartphone, IoT and wearable patient data. Smart laboratory climate systems, smart lighting, smart wardrobes enable effective consumption of capital to minimise TCO.
Segments We Serve
  • Healthcare Providers
    Healthcare Providers

    We tie up with medical service providers. We create innovation-driven digital platforms for hospitals, clinics and providers of medical services.

  • Healthcare Payers
    Healthcare Payers

    We collaborate with healthcare payers and make healthcare formalities easier. We push the introduction of innovative solutions and channels to provide you with the edge.

  • Pharma Companies
    Pharma Companies

    Pharma companies can leverage our pharmacy management software. Strong On-demand pharmacy to transform your company and activities, solutions and efficiency suite.

  • Healthcare Entrepreneurs
    Healthcare Entrepreneurs

    With our solutions, startups can capitalize on our experience, flexible engagement models, and competitive offerings.


Andy GinjupalliPlay
Bay Alarm Medical provides innovative and high quality medical alert products and services to enable independent living and healthy aging. Brainvire developed an intuitive mobile app to provide real-time medical assistance to the elderly age group.
Andy Ginjupalli
President - Bay Alarm Medical
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187 Reviews

Brainvire was established as a valuable resource due to an attractive price, excellent project management, and transparency. They’re accommodating and organized, and yield a proactive and intuitive approach. Deliverables have been accurate and visually appealing throughout the ongoing relationship

Kevin Harwards
Founder, Intermountain Hearing Centers
5 years ago
We Help You Shape Your Ideas

Their design team is top-notch and ahead of the curve; they understand the customer behaviour. Crafted amazing digital solution which helped to convert the vision, and achieve what we were looking to. Kudos to the team.

Steven Oubre
Steven Oubre
Founder - Healthcare Express US
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Our Digital Healthcare Expertise
Brainvire, a leading medical software development company, offers task-driven solutions to caregivers that strengthen diagnostics and treatment, optimize medical workflows, and solve daily challenges.
Our Digital Healthcare Expertise
Spotlight Solutions

We understand healthcare results, optimized costs, and emerging regulations. Our services help digitize healthcare organizations.

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See solutions tailored to this industry -
  • Hospital Information System
  • EHR and Practice Management software
  • Patient and Doctor portal
  • Telemedicine Applications
  • Online Pharmacy Solutions
  • IoT and Wearable Solutions
  • Behavioral Health Practice Management Software
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Why Choose Brainvire for Healthcare Solutions?
Brainvire's expertise as a healthcare software development organization is in creating end-to-end implementation and training support for best-in-breed digital products.
  • All-in-one Healthcare Ecosystems
    All-in-one Healthcare Ecosystems

    Engaging portals that streamline patient experience, sophisticated access control of content-rich medical personnel portals, ongoing network, smartphone, wearables, and other medical devices data collection, tracing treatment journeys through holistic health profiles.

  • Pharmaceutical Solutions
    Pharmaceutical Solutions

    The ability to access and manage data is changing the way business decisions are made. Brainvire possesses knowledge that can be gathered across broad variety of attributes that impact pharmaceutical and Pharmacy benefit management.

  • IoT Heath Solutions
    IoT Heath Solutions

    We create IoHT-backed remote patient tracking, healthcare solutions for population health management using specialized sensors, IoT solutions for medical equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance, and intelligent devices and equipment for recovery.

Proudly Tailoring Our Solutions to the Healthcare Industry
  • Avacare
  • Healthcare Express US
  • Healthy Planet
  • Intermountain Hearing Solution
  • PlanetPharmacy
  • Dispensaries
  • Vitaminshub
  • DialCare
  • MaxRVU
  • VitelMed
  • Bay Alarm Medical
  • Medify
  • Bodylab
  • Chord Health
  • Healing Tree
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Our strategies help global retailers grow the business
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Solutions to Transform Healthcare
The healthcare industry requires a structural shift to move beyond brick and mortar, and provide care that’s continuous and integrated. Brainvire’s healthcare IT consultants transform your healthcare to suit the digital world.
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    Clinical Information System
    Pharmacy Benefit Management
    Healthcare Analytics Solution
    Diseases Predictions
    ERP for Healthcare
    Telemedicine Applications
  • Our Support Solutions
    Hospices Information System
    EHR/EMR Solutions
    Ondemand Pharmacy Apps
    Patient Record Management
    AI-driven Prescription Scanning
    Healthcare Chatbots

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