Shopify-Odoo-Canvas Syncing for US Tutoring Inst.

Shopify website orders, Clover POS orders are all connected tightly with Odoo which talks to Canvas LMS and manages student assignment records.

Shopify-Odoo-Canvas Syncing for US Tutoring Inst.
Shopify-Odoo-Canvas Syncing for US Tutoring Inst.

About Project

Brainvire’s talented development professionals and being Odoo Partner implemented a Shopify-Odoo integration on the client’s website to eliminate manual processing of orders. They even created a student portal on Canvas which was also integrated with Odoo to export-import student data.

What we did

Integration of Shopify - Odoo through Odoo ERP Development for the better processing of orders, Canvas integration for the student management of eLearning solution, and many more.

Tech Stack

  • Canvas
  • Clover POS
    Clover POS
  • Odoo
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Shopify Plus
    Shopify Plus




Brainvire’s team implemented the Shopify-Odoo integration to eliminate manual intervention during updates and enable flawless payments.



The Shopify-Odoo integration helped the client to a great extent. It eliminated their manual work and automated the processing of orders and transactions on the Shopify website from the different platforms. The Canvas-Odoo integration also eased the exchange of student data without making updates manually.

Client Testimonials

Jessica Bowman Play
The client is a tutoring service based in the USA. Brainvire’s development professionals integrated Shopify with Odoo to manage four different platforms. This allowed them to automate order management and enabled seamless transactions.
Jessica Bowman
Operations Manager - NLC
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Brainvire Infotech Inc is developing a private school’s Odoo database. They programmed the database to automate transcript generation and invoicing. The team completed phase one and is beginning phase two.

Jessica Bowman
Operations Manager, Northridge Learning Center
2 years ago
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